The History Of Mt. Cheam Canine Association

Mt. Cheam Canine Association had it's Birth in a Chilliwack BC living room in 1982, when about 30 dog show fanciers and ordinary dog lovers got together.

When we were choosing a name, we wanted to be as inclusive as possible, it was pointed out that Mt. Cheam herself is visible from Chilliwack, Agassiz, Abbotsford and all the way to Taswwassen. So, Mt. Cheam Canine Association it was.

Mt. Cheam Canine Association's first dog show, was a fun match that included the usual beauty and brains competitions, as well as an obstacle course, wiener races and dress up fun.

From the onset, Mt. Cheam Canine Association members, set aside a significant amount of dog show funds to support the SPCA and Transition House, the Provincial chapter of Pacific Assistance Dogs and WFIDO, and the National chapter of Guide Dogs for the Blind charities.

Besides putting on CKC dog shows since 1988, members of Mt. Cheam Canine Association have been involved with handling, obedience and agility classes, and pet visitations to elder care homes. We have organized educational seminars for teaching responsible pet ownership to the public, participated in parades and drill demos, doggy walks for charities, and canine good citizen training in Chilliwack and elsewhere.

Member of Mt. Cheam Canine Association have received a great deal of support from the dog lovers both inside and outside the dog show circuit, for which we are sincerely thankful.



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